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Portable Vibration Monitors


Below is a list of Adash's the most popular products. If there is a product here that you would like further information on or if you would like a complete product list please contact TSI.

4000 series

4000 series

Portable data-collector and analyzer for vibration diagnostics, bearing condition measurement and balancing. Features include the following:

  • Vibration FFT analysis, Order analysis

    Time signal analysis, Bearing condition evaluation

    Lubrication diagnostics, Data collector

    Route measurements, Field balancing machines

  • DDS software for data acquisition

Adash 4101/Bearing Adash 4101/Bearing Adash 4101/Bearing

The instrument Adash 4101/Bearing is the efficient data-collector and vibration analyzer. It is a fully digital device. In conjunction with the DDS 2000 software it represents a powerful weapon in the fight against bearing defects, which make the most operational breakdowns.

Main features of Adash 4101/Bearing:

  • measurement in wide frequency range 0.8 Hz - 16 kHz

  • measurement in three independent frequency ranges 0.6 - 2 kHz; 2 - 5 kHz; 5 - 10 kHz

It enables perfect tuning of measurement to real machine bearing

  • measurement of True RMS and true PEAK in each frequency band

    measurement of enveloped values in each band, it is more sensitive then True RMS

    Crest factor in each frequency band

    Kurtosis factor in each frequency band

    spectrum analysis of time signal

    FFT-ENV analysis for detection bearing failures

    time signal measurement

  • machine speed measurement

DDS 2000

New generation database system for vibration and technical diagnostics

  • Common database system for off-line and on-line data collecting.

    Modular design enables the choice of the required configuration.

    The use of the standard Windows technology in the program operation.

    Simple integration into network use thanks to an open design using SQL and ODBC standards.

    Fully 32 bit application compatible with Windows95, Windows98 and Windows NT 4.0.

  • Prepared for Windows 2000.

4200 - Portable Balancing System

Adash 4200 - Portable Balancing System

A Balanced Machine - the only starting point for successful operation. Machine imbalance is one of the most common causes of the deterioration of its condition. First of all you must confirm if imbalance is the problem. If it is the problem in-situ balancing is required. The Adash 4200 balancing kit solves both steps.


ADI225 system

Adash ADI225

Adash ADI225 system is portable one or two-channel analyzer and data-collector. The most modern construction uses the Windows CE standard. It has small size and weight, a display with excellent resolution and high performance. The powerful DSP guarantees the fastest data acquisition. The instrument includes a large memory for saving data. It can be used an analyzer or data-collector. The connection of Adash ADI225 analyzer with the DDS 2000 software system represents the highest standard in vibration diagnostics systems around the world.



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