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Concretest 2000

The CONCRETEST 2000 is a compact ultrasonic concrete testing system using state-of-the-art technology to collect and process data developed to identify cracks, air pockets and other defects in concrete structures. TSI’s CONCRETEST 2000 is more powerful, sophisticated, accurate and easier to use than anything offered in the market today,


Size: W12"xL16"xH12"
Weight: 15 lbs
Power Requirements: Line voltage 20/110V or 12V power pack unit with shoulder strap
Environment: - 25°C to 71°C
Frequency Range: 30KHz – 1MHz
Test Range: Up to 20 metres
  • Identifies size and location of air pockets and other defects
  • Able to store results on floppy disk, CD and memory stick for permanent data retention
  • Hard copy output for more thorough inspection capability
  • Operates from battery or AC
  • Automatic calibration, self-test and data acquisition
  • Portable and user friendly
  • Data entry via multi-function push buttons automatically programmed by menu selection
  • Supervision mode for high level functions accessible through optional keyboard
  • Velocity and attenuation measurements
  • Advanced signal processing routines
  • Highway bridges, dams, parking garages, stadiums, airports, maritime port installations
  • Wide selection of transducers
  • System also appropriate for examination of other materials such as plastic, rubber and metals
  • Research and Development

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