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Automatic Ultrasonic Flaw Imaging System


Sophisticated and flexible, the AUFIS (Automatic Ultrasonic Flaw Imaging System) is a useful tool for a variety of industrial quality control and materials research applications. The AUFIS is a computer guided scanning system that uses ultrasonic pulses to detect internal inconsistencies in various materials. The quality of its user interface and the flexibility of its software control distinguish it from other ultrasonic testing systems on the market.


The AUFIS determines the size, shape and location of internal flaws via A, B and C-scans. It detects flaws, cracks, discontinuities, delaminating or deliberate adulterations (in the case of gold bars) in metallic objects, welds and composite materials. Currently, the AUFIS is being used to image flaws and discontinuities in metal parts, welds, gold bars and composite materials.

All computer hardware and associated electronics are supplied. All data acquisition, processing and display is handled digitally by the computer system. The scanning software is menu-driven and user friendly with most scan parameters controllable on-screen.

The system's primary components are an immersion tank and a minimum tree-axis bridge superstructure designed to allow scanning; stepper motors on the drive axis; an electronic indexer/driver system to control the mechanical motion; absolute encoders for position feedback; ultrasonic data acquisition and digitizing hardware; and a computer system which serves as a controller for all htmlects of scanning and data acquisition.

The system comes in two broad configurations: for industrial use the system is called the AUFIS. The gold bar integrity tester is marketed as the AURA. Options and custom configuration are offered.


The system includes sophisticated software to allow for stress corrosion crack monitoring, time of flight analyses and 3D display of flaws.  An extensive array of ultrasonic probes allows for application to wide variety of studies. 

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